My Novels

Lovely Arrangement (in progress)

November 1925

Emily Adams is determined to be a business woman in a man’s world.  She runs a speakeasy, associates with gangsters, and isn’t in a hurry to marry and have a family.  When her friend’s brother arrives in town, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him in spite of his indifferent demeanor, and she resolves to break down the invisible wall he seems to keep built up around him.

Nickolas Zerilli came to Los Angeles to join a faction that is meant to overthrow the old-world mafia bosses.  When he meets Emily, he is taken with her despite his resolve to never get into a serious relationship ever again.  The more he tries to convince himself that he isn’t falling for her, the more she seems to get under his skin.



Beautiful Predicament (in progress)

April 1945

Ruby Zerilli has known Evan Lazzaro her entire life, and he was always everywhere she was, under her nose, and in her business, until one day he wasn’t. When he comes back into her life, two years have passed, and Ruby is suddenly pelted with emotions, unresolved feelings, and a desire unlike anything she has ever felt. But she can’t have him, because he’s promised himself to someone else.

Evan has returned home from a tour of duty with an injury and a fiancé. When he sees his childhood friend Ruby at his homecoming party, he sees she had transformed into a beautiful woman, and he can’t help but feel attracted to her. He knows he shouldn’t act on his attraction because he is obligated to marry someone else, but he does, and finds himself caught in a battle between doing what is right or following his heart.







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