On Blogging And Writing…

Hello… Remember me?  The chick who is supposed to be a writer, and blog about this exciting adventure to you periodically, in case you were ever thinking about becoming a writer yourself?  It’s been awhile, I know.  Because life gets busy, and throws you curve balls, and sometimes you just have to set aside the stuff that makes you happy to handle your shit.  Story of my life.

I can’t wait for the day when I can give you the weekly-biweekly update of this writer’s life.  No, it’s not a super exciting life by any means, but I know there are other writers out there with the same struggles (I mean, let’s face it – not all of us can just sit at home and write all day long, day after day – talk about a dream job), and if I could at least shed some light on the reality of how we writers actually strive achieve our dreams, other writers in the same boat as me could find some comfort in that.  And honestly, sometimes I just don’t feel like saying anything.  I just want to stay in my head, and swim around in my thoughts, and keep them to myself.  But, I should at least share that, so you other introverts out there know that is normal.  After all, sometimes doing the boring and mundane things is when we become inspired.

I’ve pondered the idea of scrapping the old posts and starting fresh, thinking that maybe I just need to reset to get myself moving in the right direction again, and then share some of my fabulous shitty poetry with you when I have nothing super spectacular to write about.  But then, I remember that I use my old posts to remind myself of how bad I used to suck at this blogging/writing thing and see how far I’ve really evolved (or devolved, depending on who you ask), and decide maybe I should just leave the blog as it is.  Even in those rough streams of thought, there are a few diamonds.

So, here I am, in the sacred space of my little writing cubby, getting ready to work on a novel I have re-outlined and re-written a gazillion times, telling you that whatever your process, you are doing fine.  I promise.


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