Life Is Strange

Life.  It’s got its ups and downs, and its goods and bads.  It can bring such joy one minute and such sorrow the next.  But it is definitely consistent in is unpredictability, and I have learned to be flexible and have a sense of humor, because when I make plans, I can’t be guaranteed that they will turn out EXACTLY as I planned them to turn out.  In the words of Outkast, “you can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.”

The Anatomy & Physiology class I enrolled in back in September? The one that was the first step in my plan to get into the nursing program? Yeah, I had to drop that class three weeks in.  My oldest son got himself into some trouble, and he had to become my primary focus, so I did what any mother would do, and put his needs before mine.  This meant, however, that to get caught back up so that I could enroll into the second part of the class, I had to retake the first semester of the class during the six-week Winter term.  So I did.

The class schedule was Monday thru Thursday, 9-3.  The idea of sitting in a class room four days a week for six hours a day, was not appealing, but I was determined not to set myself back any further.  A week later, I was questioning myself as to why I really wanted to be a nurse.  Two weeks in, I was questioning myself as to why I didn’t find the culinary school down the street more appealing.  Four weeks in, I was proud of myself for sticking it out, but I was also getting depressed because I hadn’t written anything in four weeks, and I was going through serious withdrawals.  Yet, in what was now the blink of an eye, the six weeks passed, and while I tried really hard for an A, I got myself a B.  I’m content.

Now, in the aftermath, I am feeling great relief, and last night, I walked into the second part of the class feeling like I was still on track.  The rest of my life is a clusterfuck of chaos right now, but my quest to complete my prerequisites for nursing school is still going as I planned, despite it not going exactly as I had planned.  But this is where the flexible thing comes in, right?  And at least I’ll have some time to write.


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