Happy New Year!

Okay, my sentiment is thirteen days late, but with good reason.  School started back up on January 3, and I hit the ground running.  Because today is Friday, there is no class, and I have decided to take a moment and do something I want to do – say hello to my readers and followers.

I hope your 2017 is off to a wonderful start.  The general consensus is that 2016 sucked balls, and I’m part of that crowd.  When your favorite musician dies ten days into a new year, it really doesn’t set a good precedent for how your year is going to go.  (And yes folks, the word is precedent, not president.)  This year, however, I have better hopes for.  Besides finishing my prerequisites for nursing school, I am going to work on my second manuscript, and hopefully finish the shitty first draft over the summer.  I am also going to try finish getting the first manuscript edited.  I say try, because with the chaos that is my life, my intentions don’t always get to follow suit with my reality.  I need more hours in my day, or more days in my week, or something.

School and studying takes up so much of my time now that I don’t get as much writing time as I’d like to have anymore.  I used to write daily, but now I’m lucky if I get an hour or two a week in.  This is the first time since the new year began that I’ve actually written something that wasn’t class notes.  I miss writing… It’s the only time I’m truly, truly happy.  One day, my schooling will be finished, and I’ll be able to spend more time writing.  In the meantime, I better myself by jumping through the hoops that will provide me with the future I want.


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