The Unknown Future


No better time to write than when I’m feeling low.   Defeated.  Disenchanted.  Faithless.

I had high hopes for our country, and stood for what I believed in by voting.  I did my part.  I accept that sometimes things aren’t going to go my way, and that I’m going to win some and sometimes lose some.  But this isn’t just a loss to me.  It is an unsettling tragedy that has killed what little faith I had left, and I am forced to accept the realities that, one, I live in a country that is still so filled with hatred and fear; two, that patriarchy is alive and well, and that the ‘war on women’ may not be such a far-fetched ideology; and three, that the future is now more uncertain than I have ever imagined.  I’m not naive – the future has never guaranteed me anything, but I could at least make educated assumptions on how things were going to play out, and then take the curve balls as they were thrown at me.  But at this very moment, I can’t even begin to imagine where this road ends up.  I have no. fucking. clue.

Despite this, I refuse to be subdued.  I’m going to lick my wounds, then I’m going to drink my coffee and get shit done.  I am a #nastywoman, and nasty women get shit done!  I’m going to keep fighting my fight, keep fighting for what is right, and I am going to love anyone and everyone who is affected by this turn of events.  I’m going to love all the other defeated, disenchanted, and faithless souls in our country.  And I’m going to love the ones who weren’t affected, and the ones who voted for this creep.  They will soon lie in the bed they made.  I am going to choose to be hopeful.

I am also going to write like I’ve never written before.  I am going to work harder, and I am going to love my work more.  Giving up is not an option.  I’m going to make the world a better place by creating a better world. ❤️


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