Light At The End Of My Tunnel? Or Suicide?

I haven’t written very much at all over the past eight weeks.  Between having a house guest and having three kids home on summer break who are constantly telling me how bored and hungry they are, I haven’t had many moments to just sit and concentrate on my book.  I’ve tried to work on it in the morning before everyone wakes up, but I just get into my work when my youngest comes walking into my room telling me he’s starving.  I’ve tried working on it in at night, when the husband and boys are in the TV room dishing out beatings to one other via NHL 16, but by then, my brain is tired and I can’t concentrate.  And I still get interrupted.  I am going through serious withdrawal here…

PErtyDyI keep telling myself that maybe it’s a good thing.  Despite the consensus that a writer should work on their story daily to keep the continuity and rhythm of the story going, maybe this will help me with the editing/revising process.  Remember, I had finished the shitty first draft back in April, and had gotten the first two chapters revised before summer break started.  Perhaps I could spend my brief morning and nighttime intervals plotting and organizing the story so that when the kids are back in school, the editing/revising process will go more smoothly.  But seriously, I can’t stand the constant interruptions and the continual breaks in my concentration.  Is it too much to ask for some alone time?

giphyOnce school starts back up, I’m still not going to have a lot of time.  I’m trying to get into nursing school, and still have two prerequisite classes to take – microbiology and anatomy & physiology.  Why am I going to torture myself you ask?  I need a career to supplement my aspiring writing career.  As an RN, I would work three twelve-hour shifts a week, and therefore have more time to write while not be struggling to make ends meet.  While I have my quixotic dreams of being the next Veronica Roth, I have been forced to face reality.  So, for the next three years of my life, I’m going to be stretching myself pretty thin, and securing my future.  I see it all working out in the end, but the journey is going to suck worse than giving birth to a three-headed baby if it doesn’t kill me.  Like with everything else in my life, I’ll just have to not think too much about it, and just do it.


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  1. The thing I’ve learned in life, is that what works for others may not be your solution. Do things the way they work for you and BAM, you’ve figured it out 😉 Being a writer is hard. Being a mom is HARD. Being a mom AND a writer???? Then add school into the mix????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA You’ll find the balance! We all do. Somehow. Follow your passion and everything will work it’s self out.

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