Brock Turner Is A Piece Of Sh*t

This whole Brock Turner thing is disgusting. He is disgusting. His father is disgusting. Judge Persky is disgusting.

Brock Turner was caught in the act of sexually molesting an unconscious woman, tried to flee the scene, and had to be physically detained by the people who caught him in the act until the police arrived. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he tried to blame it on drinking. BULLSHIT!

Alcohol doesn’t cause men to rape anymore than being drunk is a reason for a woman to get raped. Decent people, who were raised by decent parents, can drink – and even drink a lot – and still know right from wrong. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, it doesn’t turn decent people into monsters. Alcohol, however, can turn monsters into uninhibited monsters who do reprehensible things.

As a mother of three boys, I have told my boys from a very young age – before they even knew what rape was – that no means NO! As they grew older, I reminded them that no means no, not just when mom tells them no, but when other people tell them no. As they became tweens and teens, I again reminded them that no means no, not just when I tell them no, or when other people tell them no, but when girls tell them no. I have taught them – and will still continue to teach them – that they will be rejected by women, that they will get drunk, their girlfriends will get drunk, or that when they are in a social situation where women are dressed in revealing clothing – and none of these things are an excuse for rape. Because there is no excuse for rape.

When a girl is raped, it is NEVER her fault. Likewise, if a man is raped, it is NEVER his fault. RAPE IS RAPE. There is no such thing as ‘legitimate rape’, ‘gift from God rape’, ‘honest rape’, ’emergency rape’, ‘easy rape’, ‘forcible rape’, ‘enjoyable rape,’ or any other type of rape that politicians try and pawn off on us. You hear me: NO SUCH THING! RAPE IS RAPE! And it is NEVER OKAY!

If you chose to rape – because yes, rape is a choice – you deserve to go to jail, and you deserve to go for longer than a slap on the wrist six months. Turner’s sentence is a fucking joke. And his deplorable father needs to be gagged and smacked upside the head. So what if his son can’t eat, can’t cook, can’t whatever because he got a prison sentence for “twenty minutes of action”? Action? ACTION? Are you fucking kidding me? The word just pisses me off even more. If dragging an unconscious girl behind a dumpster and taking advantage her is Mr. Turner’s idea of ACTION, he is every bit the monster his son is.

I have chosen to raise gentlemen, not monsters. Even after they have long moved out of my home and are marrying and having families of their own, I will still remind them that no means no, and I will encourage them to teach their sons the same. I will encourage them to teach their daughters to say no, and that their voice should be all they need to get their message heard. I hope they teach their daughters that it’s okay to be who they are, and that if they chose to wear a sexy dress, or indulge in an extra cocktail, that they are not ‘asking’ to be raped. And God forbid, if they do get raped, they need to tell someone, and not keep it hush hush, like its some dirty secret, or feel guilty about it. Rape is a crime, and rapists – even first time rapists, Stanford educated rapists – need to be punished, and punished by a standard of zero tolerance.

This bullshit seriously needs to stop now.


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