NaNo, Post NaNo, & The Night Of Writing Dangerously Experience

Well, I participated in NaNoWriMo this year as I said I would.  Did I reach 50K words?  Hell, no.  I got half way there, though, despite all the activities I had going on this month, so I’m totally patting myself on the back for the solid effort.  I completely surprised myself by getting that many words written, so I know what I am capable of.  And I’m totally down to try it again next year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.23.49 AM

My STATS show my strong start, despite a weekend in Arizona for my sister’s wedding, and then by the middle of the month, when I was in San Francisco, for the Night Of Writing Dangerously – which was so much fun, by the way – I started to slow down a bit, but I was still hanging in there.  I spent the Saturday before the write-a-thon traipsing around Union Square with my sister, drinking, eating, and shopping, and then her drunk ass started making memes like this one.


And then we ended up in the Marriott bar in this perfect, comfy booth drinking and eating a cheese plate.  As you can see, I am more like four sheets to the wind here, as three just wasn’t cutting it.


Oddly, I woke up Sunday morning somewhat bright eyed and bushy tailed considering I had drank most of the wine and champagne in San Francisco the day before, so after I sent my sister on her way, I got on my computer and got busy.


When it was time, I got dressed in the new outfit I bought from Banana Republic, thanks to their genius decision to use my muse as their model this season.


The irony here is that I may have been the only one not wearing black at the shindig that night, I wore something completely different than what I would normally wear, and that pink sweater looks quite out of place in my closet now.  But what the hell, right?

I get to the Julia Morgan Ballroom, and there is an open bar.  I thank the literary gods and pledge my undying loyalty for eternity.

Why yes, that is Tom Selleck behind the bar


Sorry about the blurry photo, because, you know,  open bar


Creating a writing prompt… I’m about to stab this woman with my Sharpie…

Yeah, I’m so doing the Night Of Writing Dangerously again next year.

Then I’m back home.  It was the week of Thanksgiving that derailed me.  At first, I thought, lovely, there was no hockey practice, no school for the kids, my writing class was over, no one was getting married, I have three whole days to write.  Haha.  I was sadly mistaken.  Then, the day after Thanksgiving, my boys were in a hockey tournament that lasted for three long days.  That’s why there is no progress on my bar graph between the 25th to the 30th.  But my youngest won the championship for his division, so it was worth it.

Wildcats Squirt B – Fall Classic Champions


Granted the 30th was a Monday, and the kids were back in school, but by then, honestly, I was just done.

So, now I have a second book in the works, and plan to publish it this coming year, along with the other one I have been working on.  I see 2016 as being a big year for me.  Yay!


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