It Has Begun…


I’m in it.  I’m doing it.

Okay, I started late in the day yesterday because I had to take one of my boys to their hockey game down in San Diego yesterday, and I finally got started around 7:00 last night.  I only managed to get out 877 words of the 1667 words daily requirement before I took a break to watch The Walking Dead – I have multiple priorities – so I’m picking up the slack today and going to reach a two day total of 3334 words before I hit the sack tonight.  Should be doable, as I am already at the 2050 mark.

The question is can I keep up this pace?  I still have my writing class to go to, kids to take to and from school and hockey practice, and I’m going to be in Scottsdale for four days this weekend for my sister’s wedding.  Of course, I’ll bring my laptop with me, but will I have time to squeeze it all in?  Or will I be pulling double duty days everyday next week to get caught up?

I want to keep you guys posted on this madness, so I’m going to try and get on here once a week to fill you in on whether I’m keeping up or ready to pull my hair out.  Stay tuned.

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