Confessions Of A Distracted Writer…

Hi there and welcome to the Life, Or Something Like It blog.  I have been trying to get this blog going for a long while now, but consistency isn’t my strong suit.  I also wasn’t exactly sure what kind of blog I wanted to write because I really don’t like writing articles or essays.  I’m more of a psychobabble, stream-of-consciousness kind of girl who needs to remember to show and not tell.  The showing eventually comes… But it’s got to be coaxed out of hiding with a glass of wine or two.  It makes me constantly question myself.  I mean, how exactly is one who is afflicted with the attention span of a squirrel supposed to become a successful writer?

I love to write.  I have to write!  I need to write!  It’s become an addiction, and I wish it will one day pay the bills.  My brain is always so full.  I need to get it out.  I’m on overload and I don’t know where to begin.  I started a novel.  It’s harder than I thought… Especially when I get interrupted constantly by my boys.  I try to write when they are in school, but then my house talks to me.  It tells me what a mess it is and how it wishes I would clean it up.  I get out a few words, maybe a few sentences, and then the new clump of dog fur in the corner starts telling me to go grab the broom.


Sometimes I work on my novel, but then other ideas start slipping out… another idea for a novel?  A memoir? A poem? A thought? And it’s absolutely genius!  And I think I’ll remember so I don’t write it down.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I don’t.  Then I want to kick myself!  I carry a notebook and an iPhone around with me.  I could scribble a note any time any place.  Hell, I could leave a voice memo if I was feeling especially lazy.  But I don’t.  Even the bottle of Adderall on my shelf sits untouched, and I’m not entirely sure I am even making a lot of sense anymore.  I know this and do nothing.   And it leads to self-loathing.  I’m doing it all wrong!

To break this destructive cycle, I am challenging myself to a year-and-a-day long quest.  Finish my novel (and shed some weight for my sister’s wedding) by next November.  I’m not the best multi-tasker, but hey, a girl can try, right?  I mean, I was working on my novel when this brilliant idea came to me, deciding it was time to get another chapter under my belt, or at least a few decent pages.  It’s on my desktop under my blog page this very moment.  I should probably get back on the Adderall too, huh?


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